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Ontario Building Code

28-May-2010 [174]

The Ontario Building Code, applied to the Dufferin Grove Bio-toilet project Ontario Building Code

Martin Liefhebber, April 11 2007 to Georgie Donais: The Building Codes and its regulations is governed under the laws of the Building Code Act, to ensure public safety and 'community' standards. It takes for granted that an infrastructure is available providing pressurized water and city sewage services. This may not be always the case and likely less so in the future. As the quality of our environment deteriorates, we regularly discover that the OBC is in the way of environmental design progress. State of the art of environmental design is not recognized in it. Materials/science and design are not being updated. In fact there is no building materials research in Canada, and you may take comfort that this project if and when approved, will form the basis for ongoing interest and research. However incredibly small, is in fact very significant , as it aims to be built using an "alternatives" philosophy.