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Policy expo plans

30-May-2010 [102]

• Plan list for the May 1

- performers - permits for plays vs. films in parks permit form vs film permits, unauthorized structures bylaw (an other "thou-shalt-not-perform" bylaws), versus partnerships description photos of performances posted on sandwich boards?
- adult drop-in sports - Bylaw number? and maybe post the whole parks bylaw somewhere (a good read) versus community sports description posted on green plastic shed
- helmets - policy, and reasons why it doesn't work, chart comparing rink helmets and bike helmets: description of low claims, low injuries, former "optional" helmets photos of shinny players with and without helmets posted on rink boards "gallery"
- bake ovens - draft bylaw and collection of other stuff including Catherine Porter article, Stonegate excerpts photos of bread and FNS, story of how it came about (from Anna's e-mail?) posted on back end of smaller oven
- playgrounds thread of playground decisions, large excerpts from CSA meeting with sequel park CSA bulletin, playground photos repair story posted on triangular playground bulletin board
- cameras/picture-taking in parks policy, and relevant trespass to Property act section posted on Dan Watson's back and on his flyer
- campfires policy, and newsletter excerpts story of campfire history posted on a picnic table laid on its side
- state of good repair for picnic tables By-law excerpt about keeping park stuff in good condition Poster "the benches of DGP"
- skate lending cash handling (e-mail thread?) or newsletter excerpts -- do we have a policy excerpt for this? also photos and story of how it came about (newsletter excerpts?) posted on skate room door
- sand-pit only the story of how it came about BBY flim playing nearby posted at sandpit bulletin board
- wading pool (capital projects and state-of-good repair) is there an SOGR policy anywhere? Also newsletter excerpts. OHS excerpt re danger to workers. Steel toe boots regulation. selected web pages posted on side of wading pool shed
- mats and compressor room confined spaces policy and e-mail thread about the mats photos of skaters? posted on compressor room door
- zamboni crisis - Citizen Z film, newsletter excerpts and correspondence re OHS etc, some rink friends letters story of how zamboni kitchen was built, leaving out some details, photos of food and FNS posted on garage door frame, and film set up inside garage
- permits for rink events: story of bikes on ice including permit story of rink becoming lively photos of rink events eg bikes, puppets, Deirdre's shinny tourney posted on rink boards "gallery"
- cob courtyard public health laws/regs about 4 sinks, hot water, refrigeration etc. (from food handling material?), OHS re kids working, fencing etc. photos from Laura, etc, of kids working. also the story of how it actually did happen (incl. newsletter excerpts?) posted on the side of the wading pool shed
- bio-toilet various laws/regs/building code, OHS photos of building process (Georgie's exhibit) posted on bio-toilet bulletin board
- rink house reno - OHS and by-laws about private changes to public property -- note that there was no consult story of how it was done reno photos posted on rink boards "gallery"
- rink steps Sandy's rules about liability etc. how they were made, and also the steps at Wallace story photos of rink steps, before and after posted on rink boards "gallery"