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Irony, Dysfunction, and Delusion

23-Aug-2012 [5709]

• PFR is "taking back" Dufferin for safety and clarity. The opposite will happen.

PFR's recent push to "take back" Dufferin Park (and the other parks in Ward 18) was justified by this Briefing Note: Recommended Transfer of Programs from CELOS to PFR. The note references the safety and conflict of interest risks in having an outside influence in the park.

This is ironic. CELOS (and it's predecessor Friends of Dufferin Grove park) have provided the clarity and direction that has resulted in the Ward 18 parks becoming so well known and successful. Getting rid of it will remove that clarity and direction, the opposite of the intended effect.

The reason the clarity will be removed, is that the direction by CELOS will be replaced by the dysfunctional PFR management - dysfunctional because there are so many managers and administrators involved at PFR that in effect the situation is chaotic at best, and there certainly is no coherent direction offered.

The delusion is that PFR actually believes that this will help, in spite of all the evidence to the contrary.

Stay tuned, this could get "interesting".

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